Street Art in Athens

Street Art in Athens

Street art is the unadulterated, and -too often- most authentic and sincere representation of a city’s soul. Not that different to high art in its purposes, street art is even more straightforward and demonstrative towards society’s issues.

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The Art of disCOVERing: Favourite Song Covers – Part 1

The Art of disCOVERing: Favourite Song Covers  – Part 1

Cover songs belong in a special category in music. Some people hate them and believe that the originals -especially in the case of classic songs- should remain untouched. Others are always intrigued and open towards a new interpretation. Despite what the┬áhardcore fans believe or what the artists think when other people cover their songs, one thing is for sure. There are cases where the cover song has managed to stand out and make a name for itself and the talented individual who’s reimagining it. Here’s a list of cover songs that are special to us! Enjoy and let us know what your favourite covers are!

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