The next instalment of our travel stories is sunny and unexpectedly pleasant! On the 1st of May, and since the day dictates it, it was time for a road trip. We packed our lunch, ironed our checkered tablecloth, put our ‘on the road’ playlist on and hit the road! Road tripping with your best friends can be a great experience, even if the place you are headed is not as good as expected eventually. But imagine reaching your destination and voilà!- it is better than anticipated. Nothing beats that!


This is the case with our road trip to Loutraki and Vouliagmeni Lake. If you stay in Athens and are in the mood for a quick getaway- this is the place for you! Approximately an hour from Athens, easily reached and with breathtaking natural scenery including the impressive Isthmus Canal, we say: just do it!


First stop: Cape Heraion. Located at the edge of the county of Corinthos, you can gaze deep into the big blue, stand on top of naturally corroded cliffs and swim into turquoise waters. Plus! you get to take fancy snaps of yourself and the lighthouse at the hilltop.

34019505360_b2fddd8fe4_o (2).jpg

34404258335_d30565f2f2_o (1).jpg





Next stop: Vouliagmeni Lake. It was time for our picnic! We took our food and wine out, had our lunch on the sandy lakeside and started our chit chat under the sun. If you don’t feel like picnicking though, you can equally enjoy the seafood at the Greek tavernas around the lake. It’s up to you!

IMG_1255 (2).jpg


Final stop: Loutraki. Before reaching home, we opted for a  final stroll around the nearest town of Loutraki. Loutraki is one of the prettiest towns of the Corinthian county, quite touristy and with a nostalgic glitz surrounding it. The seaside road is pedestrianised now, which means that you can have your coffee out in the sun, right next to the beach!




34404299385_9ea27729d0_o (2).jpg


Here’s to our next road trip on the 1st of May! We’re sensing it’s going to become a tradition!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Words: Amanda

Photography: Angie

PS: All photography credits go to Angie and if you like to reproduce it, please make sure to have Angie’s permission first!


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