‘You Get the Picture!’: Our 20 Most Eye-Catching Film Poster Picks

‘You Get the Picture!’: Our 20 Most Eye-Catching  Film Poster Picks

The film poster is a big deal. The poster, along with the trailer, is our first interface with a film. That’s why the art department in a film production is possibly one of the most important; grabbing the attention, creating the atmosphere and setting the audience’s mood, establishing the initial expectations. That’s what film posters do. It’s a medium for the film’s promotion, and since representation and appearance matter so much, it has to be compelling.

We collected the most eye-catching film posters, not just of recent years but also older and classic ones, that in our opinion stand out and make the rest art directors wanna step up their game a little. The order is absolutely random. Let us know what you think and share your choices in the comments below!

Let’s begin!

1. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World – Werner Herzog

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Oscar Buzz: Our predictions

Oscar Buzz: Our predictions

The Academy Awards, or -as most of us call them – the Oscars, are probably the most hyped award show of the year. Apart from the obvious buzzing around the films, the filmmakers, producers, and actors with their performances, the focus is always on the presenter’s jokes, the red carpet with the sartorial choices of the ladies and the acceptance speeches. Every year, around the end of February we get to participate in a fancy and well-groomed world that usually resides in our imaginations only. So let’s see what’s on the menu this year for the main categories and who we think will make it to dessert!

Actress in a Supporting Role: 

This is one of the most competitive categories of this year’s awards with astounding performances by all nominees. Nicole Kidman was unrecognizable in Lion, Naomi Harris was intense in Moonlight, and  Michelle Williams was heart-breaking in Manchester by the Sea. But. Viola Davis in Fences is unbeatable. It takes her just one scene to bring chills down your spine with her immense power and the way she translates words into emotions.


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