The Art of disCOVERing: Favourite Song Covers – Part 1

The Art of disCOVERing: Favourite Song Covers  – Part 1

Cover songs belong in a special category in music. Some people hate them and believe that the originals -especially in the case of classic songs- should remain untouched. Others are always intrigued and open towards a new interpretation. Despite what the hardcore fans believe or what the artists think when other people cover their songs, one thing is for sure. There are cases where the cover song has managed to stand out and make a name for itself and the talented individual who’s reimagining it. Here’s a list of cover songs that are special to us! Enjoy and let us know what your favourite covers are!

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On The Road: A Playlist

On The Road: A Playlist

Do you frequently feel the need to escape? Do you often fantasize taking a road trip in a beat-up van with your friends? Do you imagine exploring unknown shorelines or endless green terrains? This is the idea behind this playlist! Whether you are getting ready for a trip or you desperately want to unwind and get into the mood for travelling, we have the solution for you. Press play, decompress and tell us what you think.

Allah-las – Busman’s Holiday

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Another one for your bucket list: Athens

Another one for your bucket list: Athens

Athens has been in the headlines repeatedly in recent years and not necessarily for all the right reasons. Shifting from the illusive prosperity and welfare of the final 20th century decades to the contemporary years when the financial crisis has been wreaking havoc both on the democratic system and on Greek people’s lives, the city has been struggling to shape up according to the social and economic landscape.

The city has undergone a quite brutal transformation (to put it lightly!) that has been taking place since 2009 until today. Despite taking the plunge or -to put it differently- despite getting a slap in the face, it is gradually regaining consciousness and constructing a character visible in its streets, its shops and venues, and its mentality.

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